14 May 2019

Sebastián Lelio, Chile, 2013, 110 mins (M Sex scenes, offensive language & drug use)
A free-spirited middle-aged woman has a whirlwind relationship with a man she meets in a club. It’s an honest, sweetly poignant look at a type of character neglected in Hollywood. “Gloria is a work of maturity, depth and emotional insight” – Hollywood Reporter

7 May 2019

Kirsten Johnson, USA, 2016 (M offensive language)
Excerpts and offcuts from the cinematographer’s remarkable career evoke an assortment of uneasily resolved questions about ethics and compassion in documentary film. “Mesmerizing” – Washington Post

30 April 2019

Terry Gilliam, UK/USA, 1985, (M violence)
Inspired by George Orwell’s 1984 and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, this groundbreaking sci-fi satire pits everyman Jonathan Pryce against a world of crushing conformity. “One of the great dystopian science fiction films” – BFI

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