Month: September 2017

Philippe de Broca, France/Italy, 1964, G, 112 mins

“Sir, could you please arrest me?” So says the French airman to the Brazilian cop, partway through his quest to rescue his kidnapped fiancée. “I’m a deserter, I lost my uniform. I flew without a ticket, conned an invalid, I fought with men of all nations and colours, and I drive around in a stolen pink car with little green stars. I’m also guilty of public indecency.” He puts his wrists out. “The handcuffs, please.” Needless to say, he doesn’t get his wish


In this light-headed cousin to Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Thomas Crown Affair and North by Northwest, with three MacGuffins instead of one, legend of French cinema Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a working-class-hero variant of Hitchcock’s good-man-in-over-his-head trope, performing extraordinary feats with impressive nonchalance and a cigarette clamped between his teeth.


That Man From Rio is a crazy delight, a stylish, early-’60s pastiche that folds in every adventure-movie cliché you’ve ever seen, and possibly invents a few new ones.” – Village Voice